In the wake of disasters that seem to visit the country without fail, there has been no lack of altruism among individuals and groups that mobilize their resources to reach out and bring relief to the victims. However, these surges of compassion often die down long before the extent of the problem is sufficiently realized and along with them, the difference that could have been, if only those noble efforts were consolidated and sustained.


Binding together otherwise diverging motives for and principles of social service has been on the top of our agenda. More than a club of high-minded do-gooders, Together-Ensemble is founded on a strategic commitment to close the gaps between the business world and the humanitarian sector, itself becoming the ‘bridge’ of both spheres, firm in its belief that a synergic social enterprise would bring about desired results that last.

It is right to say that Together-Ensemble espouses an ambitious business-minded scheme of humanitarianism just as it strives to set capitalists on a ‘business-with-a-heart’ mode. Fortunately our hopes have been well-founded because we see that what used to be worlds apart, or even opposing camps, now find themselves standing shoulder-to-shoulder, wedded in a common venture to fight the malaise of helplessness and poverty.