Aside from being the first line of action, this occupies a certain pride of place in the agenda of Together-Ensemble because this responds to the need of basic safety and survival.

What started as an act of goodwill in the wake of typhoon Ruping (1990) and the Mount Pinatubo eruption (1991) has become a full-blown emergency task force that is prompt to intervene in disaster situations.

Together-Ensemble has then continued to provide immediate assistance to victims of various calamities in different in the Philippines:

1993: Mount Pinatubo Emergency

The foundation donated artesian wells in some stricken areas of Mt. Pinatubo, Marinduque and Southern Leyte.

1995: Typhoon Rosing Emergency

The foundation provided medical and food assistance to the victims of Typhoon Rosing in the Quezon Province. Then, MDM widely rehabilitated about a hundred Barangay Health Stations (BHS) in the most severely damaged coastal communities in the Quezon Province and in the Bicol Region.

1996: Medical Assistance in Samar

The foundation identified with MDM the need for primary health-care in the remote islands of Northern Samar. The project consisted of the launch of a floating clinic, i.e, provision of a boat used in medical rounds, rehabilitation of four hospitals, training in Paris of the local health officers. In 1998, the project was successfully turned over to the Filipino staff.

1998: El Niño Emergency

The foundation run a lighting operation by distributing 50 tons of rice to 500 families of Manolo, Muslim, and Christian communities, suffering victims from El Niño famine in North Cotabato,  Mindanao. This was possible through the financial help of Makati-Medical Doctors and local help for distribution from oblate priests by Belgian Fr. Lenzen.

2000: War in Mindanao

The foundation helped through the distribution of 10 tons of rice and the immediate arrival of Medicins du Monde (Doctors of the World) whose team of doctors from France arrived with 300 kg of medicines and medical equipment to the thousands of evacuees who left their homes to escape the ravages of war in Cotabato province.

2003: Muslim Refugees

Donation of one ton of medicines to the Parish Church in Pikit for Muslim Refugees. The donation came from French pharmaceutical companies (Aventis and Servier) and Filipino company (Pharex).

2004: Three Super Typhoons

Together-Ensemble got busy again with relief operations following three super typhoons that ravaged Luzon. Le Club and Handicap International were its main partners in bringing aid to the victims.

Together-Ensemble also donated Php 100,000 to address the urgent needs and help in the reforestation of the Philippine mountains. The check was received by Senator Dick Gordon as President of the Philippine National Red Cross.

2006: Landslide in Southern Leyte

Then in early 2006, the foundation responded to the landslide tragedy in Southern Leyte, linking arms this time with the Philippine National Red Cross. An estimated number of 2,300 people were affected.

2009: Various Typhoons

Together-Ensemble has allied itself with the Philippine Coast Guard in order to reach out to the victims of the subsequent typhoons that hit most parts of Luzon towards the end of 2009. The foundation facilitated the solicitation of some foreign aid and its distribution through proper channels.

2013: World’s Biggest Typhoon in History

In 2013, the Philippines was hit by what has been known as one of biggest typhoons in history. Having a maximum wind speed of 195 miles/hour, super-typhoon Haiyan wiped out cities, held a death count of over 10,000 and damaged over one million homes. Immediately, Together-Ensemble activated its network both locally and internationally, raising funds of about 20,000 Euros. This amount was used to purchase construction materials which were then distributed to the victims from remote and small islands north of Negros Occidental. The foundation partnered with Amity Volunteer Fire Brigade of Negros Occidental, Electricians Without Borders (France) who transported a truck loaded with 7CBM of various relief good and generators (for the victims of Guiuan, Eastern Samar), Flutes from Across the World (USA), The Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary, and Team ULIS (France).

2014: Emergency Management

A 40-foot Container Van containing various medical equipment was turned over to the Masbate Provincial Hospital through then Masbate governor Rizalina Seachon-Lanete on 09 May 2014.

2015: More Projects with Team ULIS

The partnership with Team ULIS has solidified and grown in 2015. Though T-E, they visited Bacolod City to donate various relief goods and fire equipment. They also conducted free training to the Bacolod Chamber Volunteer Fire Brigade.

2016: Kidapawan Drought Response and Clinic-in-a-Can and Ambulance Donations

In 2016, drought has hit the south of the Philippines and took away billions of pesos worth of rice. This impelled hundreds of farmers, suffering from both hunger and loss of livelihood, to protest along the Kidapawan National Highway. Unfortunately, the protest went out of control resulting to death of some farmer rallyists. At once, Together-Ensemble took action, flew to Kidapawan, and brought 10 tons of rice for the suffering farmers, especially those who were affected by the grievous incident.

In the same year, T-E partnered with Caritas Manila, the former facilitating two major donation projects to the latter: Clinic-in-a-Can and Ambulance (from Team ULIS). A massive fire also hit the Navotas Fish Port affecting around1,200 households. T-E immediately made cash donations to the affected families.

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