Social Advocacy

In the face of calamity and in times of dire need, we cease to be strangers; we find more and more reasons to work together.

Driven to make some impact on human welfare, Together-Ensemble builds bridges among sectors and interest groups in order for them to be aware of how they can capitalize on one another’s potentials and resources.

A case in point is the gathering French and Filipino NGOs from across the country which TE has done in the past years and will be holding this 2017. This has become an annual affair that everyone looks forward to in order to share with and learn from others. During this brief encounter, many partnerships are explored and then later formed.

In 2007, Together-Ensemble spearheaded the Journée des ONG Françaises des Philippines convened at the Economic and Social Council’s Palais d’Iéna. This event, the first of its kind, afforded the 14 participating organizations ample representation in the international humanitarian scene, showcasing their different modes of engagement, their respective approaches as well as opportunities for involvement and collaboration, especially through volunteer work and sponsorships.

Together-Ensemble continues to partner with local and international organizations as well as private corporations such as Caritas Manila, ULIS of France, the French Embassy,  and Royal Cargo to extend assistance to deserving groups and communities in the Philippines.

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