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Report about 2021 updates in Galilée Farm

Galilée Farm has a few important updates this 2021:

-expansion of piggery

-new septic tank

-new pond for growing Tilapia

-new corn field

-improvement of poultry

Message from Malou Baculna:

Good day Maam/Sir,

Attached here was the updates from the Oblate Galilee Farm

Since before the time of pandemic, we observed that there was a demand for food in the market, with regards to this, we expand the areas of productions for native chickens- for now we had more than 500 heads and still continue to incubate the eggs. We engaged in swine production, for now we had 3 sows, 1 already given birth to 8 piglets, and the 2 sows are already pregnant. We started to renovate the old buildings, put up a concrete septic tanks, and safety fence for the pig pens/cage. Expansion of the fishpond areas - Since we market every Sunday, we observed that more and more people from our neighboring towns were interested in Tilapia not only for consumption but for production of fingerlings. Hopefully by next year, we can start our own Tilapia hatchery for fingerlings to supply the demands. And lastly, we maximized the land areas by converting it into cornfields to feed our chickens, pigs and cows. We had 4 areas now, 1st area was already harvested 48 sacks last August, and already planted all the other 3 areas successively (see photos). We cannot afford to buy corn all time time because the price now was very high (reached up to 24/kg.) The green leaves of the corn were feed into the cows before the corn were harvested. The dried corn were milled/hammered for the chickens and pigs.

All the other daily works/activities were the same everyday except for emergency or needed to be done immediately, we hire 2-3 on call workers until the projects were finished.

Thanks and if you had some queries, you can call Fr. Jay Virador on his messenger today, for he has no phone signal here in the farm.

Thanks and God bless!

Malou Baculna

Click bellow for report and pictures:

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