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Galilee Farm November 2021 updates

-The new fishpond started last July was finished last

October 2021. Now it has more than 3000 pieces of tilapia fingerlings.

-One sow give birth to 8 piglets last September 21, and now they were

separated from the mother sow and was transferred to the newly

renovated pig pen.

-2 sows are expected to give birth this Month of


-The septic tank is temporarily covered with a G.I sheet and will

soon be finished.

-Corn field 1: Planted last September and after a month, it grows very


-Corn field 2: The second area planted with corn last August (2nd

week) is expected for harvest by December.

-Corn field 3: The 3rd area planted with corn, last week of August is expected

for harvest also on December.

-Corn field 4: The 4rth area planted with corn last September is expected for

harvest by January 2022.

-Corn field 5: The last area planted with corn. After the corn

will be harvested, we will plant more forage for the goats and the cows

since almost all the areas were totally clean, we can easily plant

Indigo-fera and Napier grass.

For mre piictures on updates click document bellow:

T-E Updates 2021 Nov
Download PDF • 3.20MB

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