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The Start : Typhoon binds French and Filipinos together for a continued humanitarian mission

Pulang Bato ELementary School after reconstruction.

On November, 15th 1990, Typhoon Ruping swept through the Visayas Islands, in the Philippines with devastating winds of 240km/h hitting the island of Visayas and claiming many lives and millions worth in property.

Cebu the queen city of the south, was badly ravaged by the typhoon, prompting then mayor Tomas Osmena to appeal for assistance from then ambassador to the Philippines Jacques Le Blanc.

Contacted  by the French Embassy, Hubert d'Aboville together with Andre Iconomoff coordinated the relief efforts, helping the French community to provide joint action for Cebu City.

They were also able to raise enough funds from their own companies, as well as from other French firms and individuals, for the reconstruction of Pulang Bato Elementary School (Founded in 1922) located about three kilometers from Cebu City.

On June 1991, Mt. Pinatubo erupted causing untold miseries to tens of thousand of residents in the provinces of Zambales and Pampanga. Again, Hubert d'Aboville Andre Iconomoff rose to the challenge by mobilizing their network of French nationals.

This time, together with two compatriots, Philippe Chavanon and Herve Laumond, they immediately consolidated their resources and provided relief goods to the victims of Mt. Pinatubo.

With the coordination and support of then Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority chairman Richard Gordon and his wife, and then Olongapo mayor, Kate Gordon, Hubert d'Aboville and his group was able to provide and distribute 17 tons of supplies comprising of tents, blankets, potable water, food, medicine, and medical services to 300 families.

The success of the two relief operations encouraged Hubert d'Aboville and Andre Iconomoff to put together their efforts and resources into a sustainable and continuing concern. On January 1992, with the help of then ambassador to the Philippines Olivier Gaussot and a number of civic-minded French and FIlippino individuals, Together-Ensemble, a foundation for development and progress in the Philippines, was born.

Since then, the foundation has spearheaded a number of relief operations and on-going developmental projects around the Philippines.


Taking the lead in delivering humanitarian aid to indigent victims in the unreached and unserviced areas of the Philippine archipelago that are hit by natural calamities and disasters.

Establishing the networks, linkages and cooperation between the Philippines and France to enhance and promote humanitarian development programs.

Extending to the Philippines through an effective position in France, the opportunities to link the Philippines and Europe together, and the PI governments with humanitarian organizations and institutions.

Board of directors
Amb. Michele BOCCOZ.jpg
Amb. Michèle Boccoz

Honorary President 

for France

Hubert d'Aboville


President and Founder

senator Villar profpic.png
Senator Cynthia Villar

Honorary President

for the Philippines

Ramon Moreno, Jr.


Executive Vice-President

Ruben Torres



Reginald Yu



Emmanuel V. d'Aboville


Ara d'Aboville


Dr. Jose Bernardo


Atty. Katigbak.jpg
Atty. Anna Katigbak

Asst. Secretary

Atty. Laman.jpg
Atty. Noel Laman


Jorge Lim ProfPic.jpg
Jorge Lim

President Negros Chapter

Fr. Anton.jpg
Fr. Anton Pascual


Warren So


Fr. Jay Virador.png
Fr. Jay Virador

President Mindanao Chapter

Photo Gallery:
Earth Day 2023:
Together Ensemble 24th Anniversary:
T-E board meeting Hosted by Sen. Cynthia Villar:
T-E meeting Hosted by Marilou Magsaysay:
dinner hosted Marilou (2).jpg
dinner hosted Marilou.jpg
T-E Board Meeting at Xavier School:
Board meeting Xavier School.jpg
T-E Board Meeting hosted by French Ambassador Matou:
Board meeting hosted Ambassador M. (2).j
T-E Meeting at Caritas Manila:
Meeting at Caritas ulis.jpg
Welcoming team ULIS to Manila: 
Welcome to Mnl Ulis.jpg
Meeting with Marilou Kahn-Magsaysay for proposed Galilee Farms Milk Pasteurization Project:
Marilou Galilee.jpg
Dinner hosted for TE by a French Association of Bacolod City:
hosted fr assoc Bacolod.jpg
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