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Taal Eruption - Jan 2020

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

This January 12, 2020, Taal volcano erupted displacing more then 70,000 people.

These people were given temporary shelters by government actions.

T-E was quick to react, to source and send relief goods to the area. Less than a week after Eruption, T-E sent toiletries and sleeping equipment good for 300 Families to help those displaced.

Later on 22 of January a second relief action was made donating 100kphp to the CARITAS foundation which is lead by the Catholic Church.

CARITAS effectuated more then 20 relief operation helping directly 5,000 families affected during the crisis, to facilitate early recovery.

Copied below CARITAS relief actions:

Relief Operation:

Continuous delivery/distribution of goods to prioritized areas Provision of essential items for the affected families such as food package, WASH items, household items, medicines and other non-food items. Mobilized volunteers for the daily operation of Caritas Damayan on accepting donation, sorting of donation, packing of goods, loading and transporting of donation

Medical Intervention: Organizing of medical mission for Talisay ( San Guillermo Parish) to cater at least 500 individuals Facilitate Psychosocial Support in Talisay and Evacuation Center in Batangas City

Early Recovery: Part of the rehabilitation and recovery plan will be the clearing operation of communities and farm. Cash for work can be propose for the priority area for the clearing operation Affected Dioceses will focus on rehabilitation phase on the condition that there is no longer threat of eruption.

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