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Fr. Anton Pascual visit T-E

(Left to right Efren Velasco, Ma Christina Epinueva, Hubert d'Aboville, Father Anton Pascual, Araceli V. d'Aboville, Zeny Flores, Emmanuel V. d'Aboville)

This 11/17/20, Father Anton Pascual of Caritas Philippines visited T-E and the d'Abovilles.

Caritas is the institution of the Catholic church that serves the people with projects for developpement, active in all facets of life, from education to charity.

The meeting was very productive as Fr. Anton is helping by sharing high ranking contacts from the Philippines government for the advancement of a communications project at the service of the FIlipino people. A bilateral gouvernement to gouvernement project between France and the Philippines, that will allow communication with the poorest communities of the Philippines for various needs including and specially regarding disaster management.

T-E continues it's support and partnership with Caritas by a donation of 50kphp regarding the present victims of the 3 Typhoons that recently hit the Philippines.

The warm visit of Fr. Anton has left with us many blessing for the foundation and it's work.

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