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ULIS visit to Philippines

ULIS visited the Philippines this first quarter 2024 to train local firefighter teams and also donate quality firefighting equipment. Together-Ensemble serves as their local partner and facilitator.

The Light Intervention and Rescue Unit The ULIS association was founded on January 1, 2000, registered in the official journal, with a prefectural order, currently has 30 active members and 6 operational dogs ready to intervene worldwide in response to international aid requests with an intervention time of less than 24 hours. Drawing on its experiences, ULIS is an NGO and all members are volunteers. The ULIS association's mission worldwide is: - To provide assistance to victims during natural disasters - To carry out humanitarian missions - To provide training The association has already carried out several interventions during natural disasters in various countries, including: - Mexico - Armenia - India - Pakistan - Indonesia - Algeria - Morocco - Turkey (3 times) - Nepal - Haiti - Taiwan - Thailand (earthquake and tsunami) - Italy - Philippines - Martinique - Reunion Island - Greece (fire) - Portugal (fire) Humanitarian missions and training: - 6 times in the Philippines - 2 times in Paraguay - Senegal - Cape Verde - Cameroon - Mexico dog training - Greece dog training - Lebanon Other missions: - Nice attack - Beirut explosion - Collapse of the Genoa bridge Intervention in war zones: - 8 times in Ukraine - 64 ambulances donated and transported to cities such as Kiev, Odessa, etc.

Bellow: pictures of ULIS in PI this January-February 2024

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